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Mehmet Ceyhan

Head Striking Coach

Mem 'The Sultan' Ceyhan has over 20 years experience in martial arts and is currently the Victorian, South Pacific, 4 x Australian Champion, with 21 wins (8 x KO) 5 losses and 1 draw. Mem also has a Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness.

Mem strives to be a great role model to all our members and is very passionate about driving members to achieve their personal best.  

Ceps Domingo

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Ceps is a strength and conditioning specialist and nutritional consultant who works with athletes, fighters, military personnel, and everyday people.

Ceps has over 10 years of coaching experience, is an author of fitness and nutrition books such as The Paleo Slow Cooker cookbook and is an avid fitness blogger. Ceps holds a Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition at AUT University, New Zealand.

Daniel Schuardt

Head Coach

Daniel 'The Manchild' Schuardt has been training since 2011.  Daniel commenced coaching BJJ in 2014, and has been coaching MMA since 2016. 

Daniel is a brown belt and most recently competed at BOA Super 8.  Daniel is also a professional MMA fighter, currently ranked 12th in Australia and New Zealand (Middleweight Division), with 3 wins and 1 loss.

Connor Evans

Head Wrestling Coach
Connor commenced his wrestling career when he was a child, after he watched professional wrestling on the television and was inspired to join a local club.

Connor has most recently competed at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonweath Games placing 5th, Connor was also a Games Ambassador.  Connor is currently the Australain National Champion and the Oceania Champion.

Fiona Hopkins & Kris Butera


We are both passionate supporters of martial arts and fitness, we welcome the opportunity Empire offers us to positively impact on the lives of others.

We are great believers in the power of martial arts to teach people of every age perseverance, respect and the ability to win humbly and lose gracefully.

Sarah Cognetta

Thai Boxing Coach

Sarah has a background as a competitive gymnast and started training in Thai Boxing in 2016 and had her first competitive fight in March 2017. Sarah has now had 4 amateur fights, 2 wins and 2 losses.  Sarah has also lost around 25kg working with Mem in our Thai Boxing program and Ceps in our Combat Conditioning program.

Dylan Higgins


Dylan started his martial arts career in wrestling in 2011, he then moved into BJJ and striking 3 years later, has a current amateur MMA record of 1-0.

Dylan has been coaching BJJ, and Thai Boxing since 2016.

Max Kadarusman


Max is genetically superior to everyone on the mats and will surpass everyone because of it. Max trains across all disciplines, will constantly tell you how good yoga is and how proud he is of his vegetarian diet.

Max has a junk guard and doesn't move his head in striking.

Jordan O'Connor


Jordy 'Kingpin' O'Connor, started his martial arts journey in January 2015, and has trained in Thai Boxing, Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ.  Jordy has competed in amatuer Boxing and Thai Boxing. 

Jordy had his first professional MMA fight in September 2017.  Jordy's current fight record at professional leave is 2 wins 1 loss, and is highly regarded for both his lightning fast attacks out of the first round, as well as staying power and longer play strategies - demonstrating fighting maturity. Jordy is well on the way to earning himself a reputation as a world class fighter and athlete.

Rohan Rampton

Striking and Strength Coach

Rohan started his martial arts journey in 2003, training in traditional karate, before moving into freestyle martial arts.  Rohan is a second-degree karate black belt.

Rohan has competed at state and national level for karate, taking home a 3rd in the ISKA world championships in 2014.

Rohan moved to training in MMA and BJJ in 2018.  Rohan utililises strength training as well as powerlifting to find overall balance as an athlete.

Rohan has been coaching young kids and adults in freestyle karate since 2014, seeing many students reach advanced level. Rohan has experience coaching private classes, taking gradings, weaponry training, self defence and tournament training, Rohan has found a passion for coaching students who want to achieve success.

Lachlan Rampton

Karate Head Coach

Lachlan stated his martial arts journey in 2003, starting off with traditional karate as a foundation, then moved towards freestyle martial arts in 2008. 

Lachlan is a 2nd degree karate black belt and has competed in numerous state and national level ISKA and team tournaments, including the 2014 ISKA World Championships.

Lachlan commenced training in MMA and BJJ in 2018.

Lachlan has been coaching martial arts to people of all ages for many years, with teaching ranging from street self-defence, bully buster programs to fitness classes, private session, weapons classes and over all freestyle martial arts.

Matthew Lucas

Matt is an experienced purple belt in jiu jitsu and has many years of experience in coaching! He believes in the importance of building a strong foundational understanding of the basics of jiu jitsu and encourages a structured learning method to improve as quickly as possible.


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